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Do you have enough money to retire?

  •  Do you know you have options?
  •  Do you know the best time to make your election for Social Security?
  •  What is a spousal option?
  •  How does your Social Security fit into your overall retirement plan?
  •  Are you concerned about outliving your retirement income?


Social Security can potentially be one of your most valuable sources of retirement income. 

Yet, many retirees (and those nearing retirement) do not understand how their Social Security benefits really work or realize the many options available to them or even that the IRS can tax benefits.


More surprisingly, often financial advisors do not understand Social Security either; leaving clients without the guidance they need to make sound decisions.  

John Wingo is Founder & Director of Retirement By Design and is an accomplished business consultant and financial advisor who started in the estate planning business over 32 years ago. As the owner/operator of multiple successful and varied businesses, John has gained a wealth of knowledge and formed relationships with important contacts in the financial, insurance &  business world that have proven to be an invaluable resource to him and his clients. As a Certified Preferred Counselor of, John specializes in the strategic distribution of social security and retirement benefits to maximize payouts and he enjoys educating others on the ins and outs of how it all works and the many options that are available to them. Working closely with an estate planning attorney, John is able to cover all aspects of retirement and estate planning, from accumulation to preservation and distribution.

The focus of John’s practice is unique in that, although he covers all phases of retirement planning, he specializes in the withdrawal phase of retirement and the strategic structuring of this very important distribution phase. John is an expert in the use of life insurance as a retirement tool to create tax-free retirement income and is uniquely qualified to provide this very creative tool to clients. 
John lives in Shreveport with his wife, Catherine. They have five children and four grandchildren.


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